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Blackberry Vs Android: Two Best Smartphone OS

At present the users of smartphones have increased many folds. Smartphone users can find three main platforms available and these are Android, BlackBerry as well as iPhone. In the current mobile industry, there is a head to head evaluation between Android and BlackBerry in order to find out the most notable between the two. Both the mobile platforms play an important and has taken over the smartphone segment around the globe. The usage of these platforms is also growing steadily.


To begin with the comparative study between Android and BlackBerry, Let us first review the software that is integrated in both models. The process of Android is an open source platform so that any users or programmers may get involved to perk up the program or advancements for the operating process. Different from its competitor; Research In Motion (RIM) produced BlackBerry as a proprietary platform. Because of this, consumers can basically get developments by the manufacturer online site or through various other official sources.


The applications offered by both these platforms can be availed online through Android Market and also the BlackBerry App World. These online stores offer various cost free applications and paid applications as well. Users can easily download a large quantity of applications according to their desires and preferences.


The platform Android is still exceptional in relation to the hardware specification and choice. There is a wide range of Android-based smartphones in the manufactured by popular companies for example HTC, Samsung, Motorola as well as Sony Ericsson. Thus, it is going to give consumers a variety of options to choose from among the different smartphones that can meet most of their wishes. Most of these smartphones offer the full experience of touch screen whereas BlackBerry delivers the QWERTY keyboard and the touchscreen and slide QWERTY keyboard for example Torch 9810.

Other Pros and Cons

Android based smartphones can operate various programs directly and it contains an easy navigation as well as numerous home-screens. On the other hand, it has a bad battery power and can’t provide power for a longer time if it is used as the net browser continuously. However, there are still several insufficient and poor programs in the Android Market (free apps), and the operation is often slow because of limited memory or processor.

BlackBerry is well recognized as the leader of Push Mailing know-how and until now it is still superb in the case of corporate e-mails and IM (Instant Messaging). It is attributed with the QWERTY keyboard layout which entirely delivers the simplicity of texting or typing messages. This line of smartphones is likewise ideal for data firmness so users will save the data and file transfer charge. But, the default browser is a bit slothful and it is a restricted collection of application.


Both the Platforms have some good and some drawbacks as well but in the mobile industry these are considered as some of the greatest operating system available. It is tough to make a choice between the two but with a comparative study, users can determine which smartphone would properly meet most of their needs and requirements. Users can go through various online mobile shops and compare the price range of the Android and BlackBerry based devices and then can pick the one that best suits their preferences and budget.

RIM Suspended The Manufacture Of Blackberry 16GB Playbook

When the mobile manufacturing company Research In Motion (RIM) launched its BlackBerry table device- the Playbook last year, the company has made the gadget available with three different storage capabilities- 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. However, RIM cut down the rates of its PlayBook device ad the lowest model, the 16GB version was available for as low as Rs. 13,490. This price was a part of a limited time offer but still there wasn’t a huge gap between the discounted price and the original existing price.  This low cost of the tool gives potential tablet consumers the option of choosing a tablet from a big brand at quite a reasonable price. However, Research in Motion has now announced that has discontinued the sale of 16GB version of the BlackBerry PlayBook, disappointing several hopefuls.

An official statement from the company states that the 16GB model of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet would no longer be manufacture by it.  The device will continue to be available for distributors and retailers till the quantities last. The company also informed that it would continue to remain committed to the tablet space in the market and the 32 GB and 64 GB models of the BlackBerry PlayBook will continue to be available from in the mobile market across the globe. RIM said that there is more value for the customers in the higher capacity models (32 GB, 64 GB), and hence it has decided to focus its efforts in this two models.

The decision to discontinue the BlackBerry 16GB Playbook by the Research in Motion seems as if it has dashed one’s hopes of purchasing the 16GB PlayBook and would now have to settle for either the 32GB or 64GB model of the device. For those who are looking forward to purchase the BlackBerry PlayBook, here is a quick look at its highlighted features.

The BlackBerry PlaybBook flaunts a 7-inch LCD capacitive touch screen with full multi-touch and gesture support. Its display screen has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and displays 16M colours. The gadget runs on the operating system of BlackBerry Tablet OS and is supported with a 1 GHz dual-core processor. It offers its users with 1GB RAM internal memory space. The PlayBook has been equipped with Dual HD cameras (3 MP front facing, 5 MP rear facing) and also supports 1080p HD video recording. The BlackBerry PlayBook is a Wi-Fi enabled device powered by the QNX software.

TomTom technology to be available in BlackBerry 10 phones

In the development of mapping technology in to the mobile industry, Apple Inc. and Research In Motion Ltd. are seemed to be in the similar state. The Dutch in-car routing establishment TomTom has announced that it has certified its map and real time traffic data to Apple follows an unveiling of a similar affiliation with RIM.

TomTom and the Waterloo-based mobile manufacturer announced that BlackBerry will use TomToM technology. The TomTom services will be used in applications like BlackBerry Maps, Traffic and BlackBerry Locate, which allow third-party software developers to access the information for the development of their own applications. It is also being anticipated that the mapping service will be offered on RIM’s BB10 software platform and smartphones scheduled for release in the latter part of 2012.

At the annual Worldwide Developers Conference of Apple, the company displayed an upgraded operating process for mobile tool that incorporates a modified mapping program to substitute Google Maps. TomTom said it signed a worldwide agreement with Apple for maps and related information. Apple also confirmed that it is working to build Siri voice activation know-how in to control systems in automobiles.

With the assistance of the voice command button on your steering wheel, you will be able to ask Siri questions without taking your eyes off the road, Apple stated on a website describing the new iOS 6 platform. Observers are of the opinion that the rise of TomTom is a blow to Google, which has enjoyed a governing position in the mobile mapping surroundings, arguing as well that use of the know-how by RIM and Apple ought to drive improvements in its performance.

TomTom on BlackBerry and the iOS 6 also reveals the growing value of navigation services for mobile devices, with a recent study concluding that TomTom’s traffic information allows drivers to select the best route to their destinations and saves commuters roughly 50 minutes of travel time per week and the growing importance of in-car navigation application offers a chance for RIM, which was early to the game when it acquired Ottawa-based QNX Application Systems in 2010 in part to boost its performance in the automotive sector.

QNX expertise supports wireless digital services including video-on-demand and GPS navigation, and has been licensed for over 17 million in-vehicle systems. The company unveiled a cloud-connected idea automobile early this year in Las Vegas that includes smartphone integration with Bluetooth, a reconfigurable digital device cluster and high-definition hands-free communications.

Blackberry Playbook: High-Tech And Stylish Tablet Device

With the developing expertise and technology, there has been a variety of tablets been developed in the market. Blackberry is a top-notch mobile phone manufacturer which is popular for its high-tech and stylish handsets. BlackBerry has entered the Tablet segment with the introduction of tablet device named the BlackBerry Playbook This device has been produced using many latest and innovative technologies. The outstanding features and applications used in this tablet include BlackBerry Tablet OS, 1 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM Web Without limits and many more.

The BlackBerry Playbook is a Wi-Fi enabled tablet device that allows you to access high speed Internet. It comes with a built-in support for HTML 5. Blackberry has released this Tablet PC in four different network configurations including BlackBerry PlayBook with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, BlackBerry 4G PlayBook with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n + WiMax 3. BlackBerry 4G PlayBook with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n + LTE and BlackBerry 4G PlayBook with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n + HSPA+. Among these you can choose any of the variants according to your preferences and budget. This tablet is also imbibed with various Internet applications like IM applications, E-mail applications, Social networking integration, Google search, Google Maps, Youtube application and many more.

Blackberry playbook has polished design and light weight which is very beneficial for the users. Blackberry Playbook with good resolution of pixel enables you to view pictures and videos of great quality. Blackberry playbook is a full length computer packed in a compact tablet format. Blackberry Playbook is a reliable gadget because its operating method is powered by QNX technology which is effectual and influential.

BlackBerry PlayBook offers its users with 16/32/ and 64 GB internal memory options from among which you can select as per your requirement and pocket. It is also equipped with dual camera. Its offer a 5 mega pixel rear-facing camera that lets you clicks pictures within a resolution of 2592×1944 pixels. You will also find a 3 mega pixel front facing camera that allows you video calling with your friends and family members.

The front of the BlackBerry Playbook has been designed with a TFT capacitive touchscreen of 7.0 inches that has a resolution of 600 x 1024 pixels. It also has the capacity to exhibit 16M colours. With dimensions measuring194 x 130 x 10 mm and weighing just 425 grams, it is lighter as compared to the other tablets available in the market. Blackberry tablet has been powered with dual core processor and symmetrical dual core processing that offers speed to the device. The Bluetooth feature of the tool permits you to connect your Blackberry device with any external device. Blackberry Playbook also has built-in USB which enables user to access 3G features.

Potential buyers who are looking forward to purchase the Playbook can avail it through various mobile phone deals offered by all the major mobile network operators present in the market. You can also gain various lucrative and free gifts and incentives offered by the mobile operators along with their deals.

Blackberry Storm 2: Created A Storm In To The Market With Its Incredible Apps

BlackBerry is one of the most renowned mobile phone manufacturers in the world mobile industry. The company has come up with various handsets from basic to smartphones catering most of the needs desired by the mobile phone users. Blackberry Storm 2 is one of the primary touchscreen handset released by the brand in to the market. It is a sleek and stylish handset with every conceivable feature and application packed in to it.

The handset has been designed with dimension measuring 112.5 x 62.2 x 14 mm and weighing only 160 g giving it a sleek and beautiful look. The handset gets fit in your palm and also slips to your pocket easily without bulging out. The BlackBerry Storm 2 has been adorned with a beautiful TFT capacitive touchscreen of 3.25 inches. The screen enables you to view phone contents within a resolution of 360 x 480 pixels and within 65K colors. Thus you get a clear and vibrant display.

Users will miss the full QWERTY keyboard and Blackberry’s signature ball navigation system in this handset. But the handset offers its users an intuitive touch screen with SurePress technology that quickly responds to the users touch and also eradicates the errors while inputting texts. The BlackBerry Storm 2 has been integrated with 256MB of Flash memory and a 2GB embedded multimedia card. It has also been fitted with a microSD card that supports external memory up to 16GB. Thus users can further extend their memory storage space up to 16GB and can store all their important data and files.

The handset boosts a descent camera of 3.15 mega pixel that lets you click images with a picture resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. The camera is further upgraded with modern camera features like autofocus, LED flash Geo-tagging and image stabilization. Users can also use the phone camera to record videos.

This BlackBerry handset provides an onscreen QWERTY keyboard that has the ability to functions in both portrait and landscape modes. It also has been included with 32 polyphonic ringtones and also has the capability to music formats like midi and MP3. The handset also has connectivity options including full WiFi connectivity as standard facilitating users to browse down the Internet at high speed. Other connectivity features include Bluetooth version 2.1.

The handset has various entertainment features with which users can easily spend their leisure time. The supported video formats incorporated in to the phone included MP4, H.263 and MP4 part 2. The audio formats supported by the phone are MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA and WMA ProPlus. Music lovers will also be pleased with the phone since it comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Storm 2 also comes with a micro USB port that allows users to connect to their computer to transfer files to and from their handset. Another fascinating feature of this phone is it is ability to edit Microsoft Office files, namely Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Features like this make the Blackberry Storm 2 of the true all rounders, with applications to make this stylish unit at home as an entertainment tool, or equally as a productivity tool. Integrated GPS is also provided along with Blackberry Maps.

So whether it is entertainment you demand from a Blackberry, or basically the features and applications to get the job done, this multipurpose unit is definite to deliver all. The appearance maintains the classic squareness shared with other Blackberry models, but the shortage of a keyboard adds a brand new air of simplicity to a brand known for its stout, button-packed devices.

Blackberry 9790 Vs Nokia E6: Two Of The Excellent Handsets

In the present day of developed technology, Mobile phone industry has seen a revolutionary development. Various mobile manufacturing companies have entered into the market with their diverse mobile handsets. In the market, BlackBerry and Nokia are the two of the leading mobile phone companies. Both these companies have produced several efficient handsets which have catered various needs and demands of the users. BlackBerry 9790 and Nokia E6 are the comparable evolutions of the two brands. Both the handsets are 3G networked and perform efficiently with the amazing set of features embedded in to them.

Built and design

BlackBerry 9790 and Nokia E6 are two of the incredible handsets manufactured magnificently and are cased as 110 x 60 x 11.4 mm and 115.5 x 59 x 10.5 mm, 66 cc respectively. BlackBerry 9790 weighs 107 grams, while Nokia E6 is larger and weighs 133 grams. Both the handsets are imbibed with the TFT capacitive touch screen that displays 16 Million colors vivaciously on the screen. The devices are devised with QWERTY keyboard for the ease of typing messages. Optical trackpad is a brilliant feature of BlackBerry 9790 and other is lured with the benefits of Multi-touch and Corning Gorilla Glass. While Nokia E6 is beautified with Stainless steel panels that add grace to it.

Storage Capacity

The BlackBerry 9790 is obtainable with the internal memory of 8 GB and 768 MB RAM that is less than the 8 GB and 256 MB RAM and 1 GB ROM internal space offered by Nokia E6. Apart from this, both the handsets also offer you memory card attachment that has the capacity to support external memory card up to 32GB and thus lets you store more.

Battery Life

BlackBerry 9790 and Nokia E6 have been powered with standard batteries that provide high support to the users and give them the opportunities to make long hour calls and the battery won’t exhaust easily. However, the standard battery installed in Nokia E6 is more powerful than the BlackBerry 9790.

Other Advantages

Audio/video player, Organizer, Voice memo/dial and Predictive text input are the brilliant mechanism in the gizmo. Furthermore, Nokia E6 is devised with the extending features of Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic, TV-out and Fast Office document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF). Along with this, BlackBerry 9790 resides the additional facilities of SNS applications and Document viewer. Additionally, Nokia E6 also caters you with the Stereo FM radio with RDS.


Users will be able to transfer data from their device through the features of GPRS, EDGE, Speed HSDPA, WLAN Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB. Along with that, HTML Web browser is also there for you to build connectivity across the globe in just a few simple clicks. The gadgets are also available with the GPS capability that lets you find directions to different locations.

Camera to Capture

BlackBerry 9790 has been installed with a 5 MP camera that gives you the chance to capture outstanding photographs, but is less competent than the ones which are captured through the efficient 8MP camera integrated in to Nokia E6. Auto focus and LED flash are the important camera properties equipped in to the BlackBerry 9790 and the camera of Nokia E6 is lured with the benefits of Dual LED flash and fixed focus. On the other hand, Geo tagging and face detection are some of the common features of the two gadgets. Video recording is another advantage of the two handsets, while only Nokia E6 is available with the benefit of secondary camera that allows users to make video calls.

Blackberry Bold 9780 Offers You Excellent Battery Life

In this modern age, smart handsets have got to be smart in order to maintain its position in the market and become successful and who can know this better than a player of this field as BlackBerry! It has always come up with ground-breaking features in its models which make it different and more preferred amongst its competitors. BlackBerry is not specific to any market as it is a well recognized global brand and the pioneer in introduction of smartphones in to the market. Now BlackBerry has a variety of products internationally and it is planning to come up with more devices in the future. The Blackberry Bold 9780 launched by the brand in the year 2010, is one of the popular handsets under the Bold family.

BlackBerry pompously unveils its BlackBerry Bold 9780 which is a contemporary smartphone to be wondered. The 122gm phone boasts of physical features like: a 2.44 inch TFT screen with a resolution of 480 X 360 pixels, QWERTY keypad, Touch sensitive optical trackpad, 5MP camera with autofocus, GEO tagging and LED flash. The 624 Mhz processor provides an amazing speed to the phone when tagged along the superior BlackBerry OS 6.0. The phone is supplied with a variety of connectivity features including GPRS, EDGE, 3G HSDPA, Wi-fi 802, Bluetooth v2 and micro USB v2.

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 has been included with an internal memory of 256 MB and a 512 MB RAM and micro SD slot that has the capability to support external memory card up to 32GB. Then the indispensable functions of the phone include SMS threads, IM, MMS, media players, WAP browsers, BlackBerry maps, organizers, document editors, predictive text input etc. The phone is paired with a standard Lithium-ion battery that guarantees a talk time up to 6 hours. Enriched with all these modern features Internet surfing becomes quite an easy task and that is mainly what BlackBerry is known for.

Another notable feature of Bold 9780 is its built-in GPS technology. However, whether or not you have access to GPS know-how will be dependent on your local wireless service provider. If GPS is not obtainable in your area or together with your carrier, you may connect the Bold to a GPS receiver using bluetooth technology. If you are an avid jogger or traveler then having GPS on your smart phone is handy. In an emergency, GPS may be used to locate you. GPS is also useful for getting driving directions and locating restaurants in new or unfamiliar places.

The transferring data to and from your smartphone generally drains the phone battery, but the Blackberry Bold 9780 has one of the better ones in the marketplace for this type of social interaction. The battery compares favorably with almost all the smart devices and you get up to 6 hours of talk time, and 36 hours of music playback. This is area where it is simple to be deceived by customer reviews. No matter what review you read about a smartphone, battery life is always the number one complaint. If a person has a bad experience with their phone jogging out of juice in the work of a conversation, their feedback may not actually represent the quality of the battery. The Blackberry Bold 9780 actually does have an exceptional battery which is something that lots of smartphones can’t boast.

Blackberry Pearl 3G 9100: Stylish Yet Rich With High-Tech Features

In the mobile sector, Blackberry has always been in the forefront in manufacturing mobile phones. The company has released a number of technically advanced handsets which are gathered huge popularity among the mobile users. The introduction of Pearl series is yet another landmark in their achievement. While manufacturing devices Blackberry makes use of the highly developed engineering, attractive design and exemplary capabilities. Blackberry 3G 9100 under the Pearl series is a compact handset and it marks the start of a revolution with the cellular phones.

It offers both 2G and 3G network technologies, and thus gives wonderful connectivity. The browsing speed is about 32- 48 kbps and has Wi-Fi support. The looks of the handset are stunning and fascinating since it is designed within a sleek and compact body. The handset easily fit in to your palm and also slipped down your pocket because of its gentle weight. Consumers will find this handset in the market in captivating shades of purple, red, white, pink and black. Integrated with TFT touch screen that has a resolution of 360 X 400 pixels, it can exhibit only 256,000 colors. The optical keypad is of hybrid range with half QWERTY keyboard.

The Pearl 3G 9100 comes with an internal memory of 256 MB along with an USB facility that lets users to extend memory space up to 32 GB. Users will also get a 2GB memory card free of cost with the Blackberry pearl 3G 9100. People who love to shoot photographs with their handset are sure to love this handset since it has been equipped with a digital camera of 3.15 mega pixel. The camera is further enhanced with features like auto focus and LED flash that lets users to click bright pictures even in lower lighting conditions. With the smart camera fitted in this handset, you will be able to take high definition photographs with a resolution of 2048 X 1536 pixels.

The phone has various multimedia options which are definite to be liked by the music lovers. The options incorporated are playing music in numerous formats like MP3 or WMA or WAV, as also video playback in different formats. The devices also offer something to the gaming buffs of their enjoyment because BlackBerry has limitless downloadable games. This tremendously technically state-of-the-art gadget operates around the latest BlackBerry operating program with 624 MHz processor which provides exceptional velocity. Numerous social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are accessible 24 X 7 to the users. It also incorporates net faxing, web searching text messaging and push email and consequently, is helpful and versatile to handle the specialist requirements from the consumers.

The other incredible attributes added to the handset are Sure Type keyboard, optical track pad, BlackBerry messenger, constructed – in GPS and it also gives entry to blackberry App whole world. Blackberry Pearl 3G 9100 with striking design and style and state-of-the-art technology is one of the best Blackberry device available in to the mobile market. Potential buyers can easily avail this handset through various mobile phone deals offered by all the major mobile operating companies present in the mobile market. These deals will help users to buy the handset at a reasonable price. Consumers can also get various beneficial and profitable free gifts and services along with the deals provided by the mobile network service providers.

Blackberry Mobile Phones: The Importance of The Blackberry Devices

In the modern times, mobile phones have become the most important part of our life style. It is the most significant communication device that facilitates us to communicate easily. Owning a mobile handset laden with latest technology and features has become a matter of status and pride. Realizing the increasing importance and demand of mobile phones a number of mobile manufacturing companies have entered in to the marketplace. Among the various mobile brands BlackBerry is one of the bets mobile companies.

BlackBerry mobile phones are best known for their stylish looks and advanced technologies and specifications. In the international mobile market, Blackberry is one of the foremost and most popular mobile producing companies. The company has introduced a number of successful handsets packed with innovative technology and user-friendly features for its consumers in the market.

Initially, BlackBerry handsets were best known for their business-friendly features and were also tagged as the best friend of business professionals. The mobile phones manufactured by the brand come with various excellent features desired by business executives in the handset. The suitable price tag is another important feature of the BlackBerry gadgets that has made them the top choice of many business persons. These phones help their users to run their business smoothly and always keep in touch with online business.

However, at present, BlackBerry has realized the demand and requirement of a mobile phone that can be used for personal and professional aspects as well. Thus, BlackBerry has come with many advanced devices which are useful for both personal and professional usage. BlackBerry releases advanced handsets imbibed with developed technology and outstanding features and applications. Internet that has become an integral part of every business and household is one of the best features preloaded in to these phones. Blackberry has pre-installed various connectivity options such as powerful GPRS, EDGE technologies, Wi-Fi, Web browser that supports XHTML and HTML. With the BlackBerry handsets users can access Internet from anywhere and at any time. The gadgets also supports document viewer that lets the users to read their files in the format of Microsoft word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Most of the BlackBerry mobile phones are incorporated with technically advanced features like Google maps, organizer, applications, games, the Internet, media player, Bluetooth, digital camera, enough storage memory and many more. These devices are powered by much better battery life as compared to other multimedia phones. Some of the handsets from this brand also offer you the facility of fax. Thus these devices offer almost everything that consumers desire in their dream mobile phone.

Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220, Blackberry Curve 8900, Blackberry 8800, Blackberry Storm2 9520, Blackberry 8320, Blackberry Bold 9000, Blackberry Curve 8300, Blackberry Curve 8520 etc are some of the smartphones from the manufacturer which have acquired huge popularity among the consumers in the market. All these handsets offer you various outstanding and incredible features paired with elegant look. Catering diverse needs and demands of the mobile users, BlackBerry phones are perfect for the purpose of communication, entertainment and business. Potential buyers can easily grab one of the BlackBerry handsets through various mobile phone deals offered by the major mobile network operators.