Blackberry Vs Android: Two Best Smartphone OS

At present the users of smartphones have increased many folds. Smartphone users can find three main platforms available and these are Android, BlackBerry as well as iPhone. In the current mobile industry, there is a head to head evaluation between Android and BlackBerry in order to find out the most notable between the two. Both the mobile platforms play an important and has taken over the smartphone segment around the globe. The usage of these platforms is also growing steadily.


To begin with the comparative study between Android and BlackBerry, Let us first review the software that is integrated in both models. The process of Android is an open source platform so that any users or programmers may get involved to perk up the program or advancements for the operating process. Different from its competitor; Research In Motion (RIM) produced BlackBerry as a proprietary platform. Because of this, consumers can basically get developments by the manufacturer online site or through various other official sources.


The applications offered by both these platforms can be availed online through Android Market and also the BlackBerry App World. These online stores offer various cost free applications and paid applications as well. Users can easily download a large quantity of applications according to their desires and preferences.


The platform Android is still exceptional in relation to the hardware specification and choice. There is a wide range of Android-based smartphones in the manufactured by popular companies for example HTC, Samsung, Motorola as well as Sony Ericsson. Thus, it is going to give consumers a variety of options to choose from among the different smartphones that can meet most of their wishes. Most of these smartphones offer the full experience of touch screen whereas BlackBerry delivers the QWERTY keyboard and the touchscreen and slide QWERTY keyboard for example Torch 9810.

Other Pros and Cons

Android based smartphones can operate various programs directly and it contains an easy navigation as well as numerous home-screens. On the other hand, it has a bad battery power and can’t provide power for a longer time if it is used as the net browser continuously. However, there are still several insufficient and poor programs in the Android Market (free apps), and the operation is often slow because of limited memory or processor.

BlackBerry is well recognized as the leader of Push Mailing know-how and until now it is still superb in the case of corporate e-mails and IM (Instant Messaging). It is attributed with the QWERTY keyboard layout which entirely delivers the simplicity of texting or typing messages. This line of smartphones is likewise ideal for data firmness so users will save the data and file transfer charge. But, the default browser is a bit slothful and it is a restricted collection of application.


Both the Platforms have some good and some drawbacks as well but in the mobile industry these are considered as some of the greatest operating system available. It is tough to make a choice between the two but with a comparative study, users can determine which smartphone would properly meet most of their needs and requirements. Users can go through various online mobile shops and compare the price range of the Android and BlackBerry based devices and then can pick the one that best suits their preferences and budget.

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