Blackberry Storm 9500 Vs HTC Touch HD: Set A Difficult Plot To Make A Choice

BlackBerry 9500 Strom is a 3G friendly smart phone that is designed with a curvy and smooth black casing. The stunning handset comes equipped with a GPS navigation application and HTML web browser with which users can easily access popular social networking sites like MySpace and FaceBook. Its integrated media player allows users to enjoy playback music in popular file formats like MP3, AAC+ and WMA ProPlus. Its 3.2 MP digital camera provides crystal clear pictures. It allows the users to record and play videos in H63, H64, MPEG4 and WMV formats.

BlackBerry 9500 Storm supports GSM 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 frequencies. It offers 128 MB of flash memory to its users. However, users can extend its memory by 8GB via MicroSD memory card slot. The battery of the handset offers a talk time of 5.5 hours as well as a standby time of 360 hours. Its 155 gm weight would not appear large if they think about the multitude of functions that the gadget supports. Its Qwerty keyboard is featured with SureType app that provides ease of writing text to the users.

The Storm also offer you various messaging features including MMS, SMS, Instant Messaging, Wireless email and Email with attachments. It can play MP3, MIDI and polyphonic ringtones. The tool is incorporated with lots of useful organiser features like calendar, To Do List, alarm clock, speaker phone, multi tap, phone book and auto rotate touch screen.

On the other hand, HTC Touch HD is a 3G smart phone that is supported with a Qualcomm MSM processor. The tool is efficient in multitasking. Its HSDPA compatibility lets the users to download data in to the tool at a speed of 7.2 MB per second. When charged fully, its battery would give a talktime of 8 hours and standby time of 440 hours. Its Wi-Fi support facilitates the users to wirelessly connect the handset with other compatible devices.

HTC Touch HD flaunts a 3.8 inches LCD touch screen that sports a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and also provides quality displays. Its TouchFlo application allows the users to make on screen selections of options by the gestures of her / his fingers. Its call, home & back keys are situated below the screen for simple access. The tool comes with 512 MB of ROM & 288 MB of RAM. It measures 115 mm in length, 62.8 mm in width & 12 mm in thickness. It weighs 147 gm & supports MMS, SMS, Instant Messaging & E mail with attachments messaging services.

HTC Touch HD comes equipped with a 5 MP camera which is fitted with advanced camera setting features. The handset supports GSM tri-band (GSM 900, 1800 and 1900) and HSDPA 2100 networks. The gadget’s installed bluetooth support allows users to transfer data wirelessly to and from other compatible devices with fast speed and without any hassles. The device is loaded with many useful applications like Document Viewer, Handwriting Recognition, Speaker Phone and AGPS Navigation.

The comparison study between BlackBerry Storm 9500 and HTC Touch HD has showed that both the devices are magnificent in their own respects. To make a choice depends more on the individual. Users can pick any of these two smartphones according to their requirements and expectations.

A Quick Guide To Unlock Your Blackberry Handset

If you have bought a mobile phone out of your choice and likeness, know how to make use of it, and you take it as an investment for a long time and you don’t want to sell it or buy a new handset because you don’t have to stick with the same old mobile phone provider. In lieu, of buying a new handset in order to change your carrier, you can unlock you existing handset and thus can shift to other network carrier. For unlocking your handset, you need an unlock code that will let you make use of your phone with any service, or SIM card. While the phone is yours, plenty of mobile phone providers lock their devices, so that you cannot use the phone with any other service provider.

There are two fundamental ways to unlock Blackberry mobile phones. Many times you will have a mobile phone that can be unlocked by entering a code in to it. Every phone has its own unique unlock code and is linked to the serial number of the phone. This code can be bought for a small payment and when you enter it in to your phone it will become unlocked and you can travel internationally or switch mobile phone providers.

Other cell phones need that you unlock service or their operating process, fundamentally the operating process has to be rewritten to remove the lock. In case you have this type of phone you will need to connect it by a data cable to a programming unit. This is a bit more expensive, but in case you are attached to the phone it is worth it and this can be done with ease and affordably. At present a Blackberry handset is an investment, so it makes sense that you need to hold onto it and unlock it under any circumstances. In case you have a phone that you think about disposable, you may need to basically buy a brand spanking new phone in case you don’t need to pay over $5 for an unlock code.

Once you have unlocked your phone, usually you will get some kind of message that would read it has been unlocked or you may basically notice that the phone doesn’t say the name of your existing service provider. This means that you are free to select the provider of your choice. When you sign up with a brand new provider, you ought to inquire about whether or not your phone will become locked again, as this is feasible. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but you ought to know whether or not your phone is unlocked so you are free to switch providers at any time or use different SIM or GSM cards.

Blackberry Torch Vs iPhone: Creates a Dilemma in Consumers’ choice

Nowadays, everyone desires to make use of a smart phone. A smartphone has numerous advanced features that attract users towards it and once you use it, you would hate to return to using a basic phone. In the mobile market there are a few manufacturers who have produced different models of smart devices offering you a number of options putting you in a dilemma as to which one to buy. However, you would always go on deciding which handset has the more number of features and is more useful to you. Devices like the Apple iPhone and the Blackberry Torch 9800 are examples of popular smartphones that you can purchase.

There are different means through which you can choose your desired handset. You can make a comparative study regarding the features loaded in each phone and then make a call based on the type of functions that you would like to have in your phone. But sometimes you might feel that you are unable to pick which to take, and you would be alright with either the Apple iPhone 4 or the Blackberry Torch 9800. In such a situation, the best thing that you can do is to compare mobile contracts for both mobile phones and choose the cheaper one.

 Each mobile phone is offered with a different package, hence it would be easy for you to pick the one that meets almost all your requirements. You can compare mobile contract deals and then choose which to purchase. Some offer the phone at a cut-down rate whereas other contracts offer more minutes and other incentives. You need to select the one that is more feasible and useful for you, and accordingly purchase the handset that gives you the most value for your money. But this approach would be most helpful only when you are not concerned with the different features available in each phone.

 The Blackberry Torch 9800 offers you a 3.2 inch high resolution screen that also provides you with multi touch display and has a resolution of 480×360 pixels. But id we look at the Apple iphone 4, we find that it is adorned with a 3.5 inch wide screen which has a resolution of 960×640 pixels. Both the gadgets have a fabulous display in which users will be able to view images and videos in a stunning quality, but the iphone 4 gets an edge here as it comes fitted with a HD quality pixel size whereas, the Blackberry lacks this. Again, the iphone 4 offers a better contrast with its Retina display and can show high resolution images without any distortion.

 Another great feature of these handsets is the camera that they offer to the consumers. Both the handsets have been equipped with a five mega pixel camera that comes with features like autofocus and flash. The camera of Blackberry Torch 9800 also provides a 2x digital zoom. But more significantly, the Apple iphone 4 has an LED flash that had the ability to capture images with much more detail even if it is taken in a place where there is low light. Therefore, you would be able to take better pictures with the help of the iphone4 than the Torch. This might be of the deciding factors as well.

 Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration comparing mobile contracts for both these smartphones is to check their computing power. The Blackberry Torch 9800 comes with a 624 MHz processor whereas the Apple iphone 4 comes with a faster one GHz processor. Although the Torch works very fast, but when you compare it with the iphone 4 you would feel that it is very slow in its functioning. This might be another factor that can help you to choose which one of the smart handset you would like to buy.