First Blackberry 10 Phone: Looks Like A Mini Playbook

The world reputed mobile manufacturing company BlackBerry has announced its latest operating system BlackBerry 10. The company has stated that this new and developed operating system will boost the functionality of its devices. The brand has come up with its first ever BlackBerry 10 phone that looks very much like a mini version of the BlackBerry PlayBook.

BlackBerry 10 phone and PlayBook has various resemblance, from the softly rounded corners and soft-touch material wrapping the case to the chromed BlackBerry logo on the back and silver physical buttons. The BlackBerry 10 phone pictures leaked in the Internet shows that apart from the SIM card slot the gadget looks similar to the PlayBook. Viewing the pictures you will feel that you are looking at a PlayBook but however, it is the miniature version of the PlayBook.   The storage capacity and requisite mobile phone imprinting are incorporated in to the device in the similar manner as they are on RIM’s tablet, and the micro HDMI and USB ports are in the same spots. About the only thing that is missing is the speedy charging port but however it is not a necessity on a phone.

The release date of BlackBerry 10 Phone is said to be set by the end of this year. Though the gadget has not been released in to the market yet the rumor mills have lots to offer us. If rumors are to be believed that the handset will come with 16GB of internal memory storage, rear and front-facing cameras, and micro HDMI output. However, BlackBerry has mentioned that this particular phone won’t ever go on sale to the general public. RIM has decided to put this first device into the hands of developers so that they can start preparing applications for the first consumer device later this year.

From the other leaks show that the device is featured with an all-touch BlackBerry phone with the more angular lines of the Porsche Design P9981. It would be interesting to wait and watch how well RIM can execute the QNX OS on a smaller screened device.