How to unlock Blackberry Bold 9900 9930

Blackberry Bold 9900: One Of The Most Attractive Handsets Under The Bold Series

A product of attraction is what the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is all about. It is enriched with a shiny dark metal housing its displays is a complete wonder. It has a superior design and is said to be one of the prime BlackBerry gizmo so far. It is stout and light in weight. The Bold 9900 could be a tad bigger than similar BlackBerry phones or Bold variants to be exact, yet it is thinner. The handset includes a bigger video display and full QWERTY keys which easily slips down in your pocket or baggage. It also has a sensitive and glorious video display. This specific phone would be the best choice for you in case if you need a fanatic for complete touchscreen phone. You’ll benefit from the sleek style of this definite spectacular smartphone.

RIM handsets are popular for amazing full QWERTY keyboards. The keyboard fitted in to the Bold 9900 will offer you a more sleek and common experience. The most critical advantage you get on this phone is its technology of touchscreen. With this handset you will no longer require to scroll down the button to locate email messages and texts. This is an incredible enhancement without any doubt. The handset has a built-in digital camera of 5 mega pixel. The camera id further upgraded with modern camera features like LED flash, Geo-tagging, face detection and image stabilization. Embedded with these features, the camera lets you to click standard quality pictures within a resolution of 2592×1944 pixels. Furthermore, you can also record video with the same camera at 720p.

The Bold 9900 is up-to-date with regard to its application process operating on RIM’s BlackBerry OS 7. It includes a couple of enhancements to make the phone function faster with plenty of modifications to astound end users. Such as the enhanced BlackBerry web browser which has HTML5 support and speech activated searching and BlackBerry Balance that isolates personal material from business content. The fast OS is paired with a remarkable processor that gives 1.2GHz of power. It is twice the hp of the Bold 9780, offering a desirable upgrade which in fact makes the Bold 9900 the quickest portrait QWERTY smartphone available for the consumers in the smartphone market.

As may people enthusiastic and love to pay with ‘mobile payments’ thinking that Bold 9900 has NFC integrated that will enable the phone to work in the same way as a payment card works. RIM appear enthusiastic about it as well stating: “Through NFC, users will be able to, for example, pair the BlackBerry Bold to an accessory or read knowledge such as a web link from clever tags by basically tapping their BlackBerry Bold to an NFC tag.” That includes paying for things in the shop by basically “swiping” your Bold 9900 handset over the till.

Mobile phone lovers who are looking forward to replace their current handset with a smartphone of their choice, then BlackBerry Bold 9900 would be a one of the best choices for them. In the market, consumers can avail it through various mobile phone deals offered by all the major mobile networking companies. Through these mobile phone deals consumers can purchase the phone at a reasonable price along with various enticing free gifts and services.

Comparison Between Blackberry Bold 9900 And Torch

In the international mobile industry, BlackBerry is certainly one of the most renowned and celebrated handset manufacturers. The range of BlackBerry phones have grown from being the choice of modern business professional to the must have for the fashion fiestas. Since it inception in to the mobile market, Research In Motion, the name company behind the BlackBerry devices has never looked back and has made a strong hold in to the market with its smart handsets. BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Torch are two superb handsets introduced by the brand in to market. Both the handsets have been laden with various excellent features and modern applications.

The Blackberry Bold 9900 is designed by taking the conventional Blackberry method and thus offers a gadget comprising of both a touch sensitive screen and a full QWERTY keypad. The Bold offers a slightly smaller screen measuring 2.8 inches but, the display unit is said to be even more imposing. In spite of its small size, the brand has packed the screen with an immense 640 x 480 resolution which leads to eye-catching picture quality and crystal clear graphics. Despite providing the full keypad under the screen, the display is still touch sensitive which makes surfing down the web pages and applications a breeze.

Blackberry has mainly targeted the youth orientated market by offering a large touch display with the keys hidden on a slider mechanism with its smartphone Torch. It is a slider phone with the keypad behind the screen and this means that the Blackberry Torch not only integrate a bigger display but also somewhat reduce the overall width and height measurements of the phone. At 111 x 62 x 14.6mm the handset is very compact but unavoidably it does measure up 4mm thicker than the Bold 9900 thanks to the slider mechanism. Torch is adorned with a display screen measuring 3.2 inches and offers a great quality resolution of 320 x 480 pixels together with an ability to exhibit up to 16 million colours.

Both the handsets are designed with stunning looks and are loaded with rich qualities; the Torch is a compact device with minimal buttons and features great design with attractive looks that is sure to be liked by the fashionable consumers. But however, it is believed that the Bold 9900 will remain the favourite of the business persons.

Multi media facilities have become an essential part of modern mobile phones and it is an area where conventionally Blackberry handsets have not excelled. As times have changed and catering the diverse needs and demands of the mobile phone users both the Blackberry Bold 9900 and the Torch offer a comprehensive set of features. There is a little that you can select between the camera facilities as the both the devices offer five mega pixel resolution camera added with a wealth of other features to assist you in taking a perfect photograph. Picture stabilisation helps users to click blur free snapshots while the presence of autofocus means that you can capture clear and bright pictures all the time. However, the Bold 9900 has another added feature up in to its sleeves as it also offer HD video capturing facility. This means the phone can record video at a resolution of 720p which is far superior to the Torch’s VGA capture at a frame rate of 24 per second.

From the very beginning Blackberry has been able to impress its consumers with their wide range of mobile phones and these two models are no exemption. The BlackBerry Torch is designed to attract a younger market while the Bold 9900 is designed as the good old fashioned Blackberry device with some great and technically advanced features and applications.