Blackberry 9300 Review

The mobile giant BlackBerry is counted among the bets mobile manufacturing companies in the international mobile phone market. The mobile phones under the brand have always featured the best aspect of technology and this has led this brand to reach its zenith at a rapid speed. Either a professional or a non professional can own this gizmo that raises the status and adds charm to your character. BlackBerry 9300 Curve 3G is an impressive gizmo from this brand featuring the best of expertise ever. It is 3G enabled handset with high-tech features focusing on the latest demands of the consumers.

The Blackberry 9300 Curve 3G is a splendid candy bar doodad manufactured by the company. It has been integrated with successful social networking applications. Users are allowed to talk, text, share pictures and stay connected to the world immediately with the help of the phone’s innovative capabilities. This BlackBerry handset features the modern connectivity supports like GPRS, EDGE, and Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS navigator.

With dimensions of 109 x 60 x 13.9 mm and weight 104 g, the gadget has a smooth and compact size making it easy and simple to hold. The Curve 9300 exhibits a 2.46 inches TFT display screen that has a 320 x 240 pixels resolution and gives visibility to 65K colors. The screen is further added with a full QWERTY keyboard and Touch-sensitive optical trackpad that permits users to easy and speedy text messaging.

Prospective buyers looking for a simple handset unified with user-friendly and technically advanced features, then Blackberry Curve 9300 3G could be an excellent choice. The gadget has a built-in camera of 2 mega pixel which is capable to click bright and standard images with a definition of 1600×1200 pixels. Users will also be able to record their memorable moments with the camera with its video recording capability. With the applications like email, MMS, users can also share their photographs along with your friends or you may even upload it to social networking sites. The built-in MP3 player facilitates you to make use of any Mp3/sound file as a ring-tone, alarm tone, alert tone etc.

The phone sports an imposing internal memory of 256 MB RAM and 256 MB ROM. It also fitted with the option of MicroSD memory card with the help of which users can further expand the memory space up to 32 GB. Other capabilities including converter, alarm clock & prepare tracking are also supported by the phone. Blackberry Curve 9300 3G is available through numerous mobile phone deals such as contract, pay as you go and SIM free deals. These deals are affordable and are provided by all the foremost mobile operators such as O2, Orange, Vodafone, T mobile, etc along with various alluring free gifts and incentives.

Blackberry 9100 Pearl 3G

Blackberry has usually been recognized as one of the forefront manufacturers in the mobile industry. The company has presented a number of successful handsets which have been accepted by a large chunk of mobile users in the market. The Pearl series manufactured by the brand is yet another milestone in their achievement. Blackberry makes use the most highly developed engineering, smooth design and exemplary capabilities. Blackberry Pearl 3G 9100, launched in the market during the third quarter of 2010, is a compact and advanced handset and it sets a mark of the beginning of a revolution in the field of mobile handsets.

It supports both 2G and 3G network technologies offering users a fabulous connectivity. It gives a browsing velocity of about 32- 48 kbps and Wi-Fi support. With a sleek body and gentle weight, the handset looks fabulous and fascinating. It is available in the market in captivating shades of purple, red, white, pink and black. Integrated with 2.25 inches TFT touch screen that has a resolution of 360 X 400 pixels and also gives visibility to 256,000 colors. The optical keypad is of hybrid range with half QWERTY keyboard

The storage capacity of the phone is of 256 MB internal memory; however, it is featured with USB facility that enables users to extend the phone memory up to 32 GB via microSD card. The added benefit is that a 2 GB memory card is provided free of cost with Blackberry pearl 3G 9100. The device has been also fitted with a 3.15 mega pixel camera added with auto focus and LED flash that make possible to capture clear and bright pictures even in lower lighting conditions. There could be a brief cut key around the side within the handset to entry the camera straight. Users will be able to click pictures with a high picture resolution of 2048 X 1536 pixels.

For music lovers, the phone has several multimedia options that include playing music in different formats like MP3 or WMA or WAV, as also video playback in different formats. The gaming buffs will also love this handset since this blackberry devices has limitless downloadable games. This tremendously technically state-of-the-art gadget operates around the latest blackberry operating program with 624 MHz processor which provides exceptional velocity. Numerous social networking net sites like Facebook and Twitter are obtainable 24 X 7 to the users. It also incorporates net faxing, web searching text messaging and push e- mail and consequently, is helpful and versatile to handle the expert requirements from the consumers.

In the mobile market, mobile phone users looking for to purchase BlackBerry 9100  Pearl 3G can easily avail it through various mobile phone deals furnished by the best mobile network operators such as O2, Orange, Vodafone, Three, T Mobile etc. The offered over the phone are available in the form of contract, pay as you go and SIM free deals. In the market, you can opt for any of these deals to avail the handset at a reasonable rate.

Blackberry 8900 Review

Blackberry is one of the world’s topmost smartphone manufacturing companies, that is well esteemed for making stylish and classy smartphones attached with a long list of features. One of the earlier smartphone launched by the company is the Blackberry 8900 designed with a typical stylish looks. The beauty of Blackberry handsets has been enhanced a lot over the time period. The clever phone would definitely be the choice of a clever person. The incredible phone has a full QWERTY keyboard. Through this amazing keyboard you can stay connected to your relatives and friends either by text messaging or messaging in your accounts of Social Networking sites.

The aesthetics of this cell phone makes it smart as well as a stylish piece. The handset is being offered by all the major mobile network providing firms. Potential buyers can avail this handset through various stunning Blackberry 8900 Deals offered by the best mobile phone network service providers. You can opt for contract, pay as you go or SIM free deals and avail the device at an affordable price range.

Blackberry 8900 is a 2G network running on the operating system of BlackBerry. The handset is further supported by 512 MHz processor that assists the opsrating system to run smoothly. It is built with a dimension measuring 109 x 60 x 13.5 mm and it weighs merely 110 gm.  The device boosts a 2.4 inches TFT display that has the capacity to display a resolution of 480 x 360 pixels and it supports 65K colors. It also houses the goodies of a QWERTY keyboard as well as a Trackball navigation is also provided in this mobile phone. The widget comes with 256 MB of an internal memory storage space as well as a memory card slot, which can take its memory up to 16 GB with micro SD card.

Users will also get an integrated 3.15 MP camera added with the features like autofocus, LED flash Geo-tagging and picture stabilization. Imbibed with all these advanced application the camera allows users to capture all their happy moments within a high picture resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. Other important features incorporated in the phone include GPRS, EDGE, WLAN, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity. The Wi-Fi facility imbibed in the phone helps the users to access high-speed Internet connectivity and thus lets them stay connected with their family and friends even on the ground.

All the leading mobile phone network service providing vendors like, Vodafone, Three, Orange, Virgin, T – Mobile, Talk Mobile and O2, have come up with a significant number of deals to increase the sales of this device. There are an extensive number of deals associated with the phone in the market. Users will also gain various free gifts and services along with these deals offered by the network operators. You can easily avail these deals through many online mobile where you can make a comparison among these deals and can weight the advantages of deal over the other deal and then can select a healthy option.

Review of BlackBerry Curve 9380

Blackberry is one of the most recognised cell phone brands in the world mobile industry. The manufacturer has launched many successful handsets which are largely popular among the consumers. Among the latest releases from the brand, the Blackberry Curve 9380 has brought something different to their classic QWERTY packing handset.

This device carries a full 3.2 inch touchscreen, offering an alternative to their broadly recognised format. The TFT capacitive touchscreen fitted to the handset has a resolution of 360x 480, which is not up to the standard to the high resolution displays which are found on devices like the iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy Nexus, however, it still does a superb job providing respectable levels of display quality. It is likely to attest ideal for everyday tasks and viewing the occasional video and images, although in case you intend to make use of your phone for heavy multimedia use it may pay to look elsewhere. The touchscreen functionality is moderately approachable thanks to an 806 MHz processor, and there is also an optical trackpad included as an alternative means of navigating the Blackberry 7.0 interface.

The handset has been imbibed with 512 megabytes of storage capacity which is enough house a variety of files including music tracks, videos and images, although it is an excellent idea to take advantage of the built in microSD slot which can further support a memory card up to 32GB which can contentedly store thousands of music tracks as well as other file types like images, videos and documents. 512 megabytes of RAM is also included, which allows the handset to run efficiently. As a web browsing device, the Blackberry Curve 9380 depends on HSDPA when using 3G coverage, which ends up in first rate download and streaming speeds, but the Wi-Fi connection means that you will be available with a much faster and more reliable connection everytime you have access to a wireless network.

Blackberry handsets are usually extensively known for their net browsing capabilities and the Curve 9380 is no different thanks to these connection methods and the net browsing application of the Blackberry 7.0 operating process. The Blackberry Curve 9380 has a built-in five mega pixel camera that provides results which are sure to satisfy and delight maximum users. In case, you are looking for a high-tech camera phone, there are better options available in the market, but for those who only use the camera to take pictures and videos occasionally, this is the ideal handset.

The camera comes equipped with various standard features like autofocus, face detection, picture stabilisation, face detection and an LED flash. The Blackberry Curve 9380 is firmly a mid range smartphone from the company which is available to the consumers from every income group. Although the specifications offered by the phone are by no means at the top finish of what is available today, it does a great job performing everyday tasks. For those who are familiar with the Blackberry OS interface or those who are a fan of the brand in general, it offers a great alternative for those who prefer the functionality of a full sized touchscreen than the QWERTY keyboard that also has been offered by the manufacturer in its earlier releases.