How to Enter Unlock Codes on BlackBerry Storm 9530 9550 Storm 2

1) Turn off the phone
2) Need a SIM card inserted into the phone (Example: Verizon, At&t, T-Mobile)
3) Turn on the phone
4) Go to Settings (Button that has dots next to green call button), Click on Manage Connections, Select 'Turn All Connections Off'
5) Press End Call (Red button)
6) Inside Settings menu, Click Options, then Mobile Network, on the switch technology to 'Global' if that has not been done. Exception: If phone prompts 'Would you like your Blackberry to automatically select CDMA or GSM based on network availability', select No.
7) Now click the Back Arrow Button (Next to the Red End Call button) and select Advanced Options and then SIM Card
8) Hit the Settings Button (Button that has dots next to green call button) and select 'Show Keyboard'
9) Type in mep2 or mepp2 and another screen will pop-up prompting for the MEP code (Please note that you will NOT see what you type on the screen) Exception: If nothing is prompting up and you are making sure you are selecting each button by press the screen in, do a wipe handheld to reset the phone to manufacturer default:
10) Enter the code, Remember you ONLY have 10 chances to get it right Exception: If phone says Code Error and the attempts stay the same, start off with 10 attempts and still says 10 attempts after enter code, then continue with instructions, this is a glitch on the phone
11) Press the Enter key (Button that looks like a backwards L arrow)
12) A message will appear saying Code Accepted
13) Turn device off by removing battery, insert SIM of your choice if have not done so already. Turning device is necessary even if you have SIM of choice inserted.
14) Turn the phone back on
15) Go to Settings, then Options, then Mobile Network, on the third row switch Network Technology to GSM/UMTS.
16) Press the Back Arrow Button to exit and save settings.
17) Return to the main screen by pressing End Call and you should see your phone getting signal
18) As a reminder, if you ever remove the SIM card from your phone, you will need to set the Network Technology as GSM/UMTS again


1) If you have issues with the phone not recognizing the network, make sure the radio is on by making sure it is not low on power.

2) If you follow the above instructions and code is accepted with the Network Technology set to GSM/UMTS and still not working, it may be the SIM needs to be replaced with a newer SIM Card.